Alexander Schießel CEO of Schüschu talks about his experience at JSC 2017

Team Schüschu won Second PLace at JSC 2017

Team Schüschu won Second PLace at JSC 2017


Do you want to quickly tell us about your business and what has happened since JSC 2017?

My name is Alexander Schießl and I am the CEO of Schüschu GmbH. Schüschu is the first combination of modular toy and storage system. After joining the Jacobs Startup Competition in March of this year, we signed a contract with a big manufacturing partner who will accelerate our market launch which will be in the beginning of next year.

At JSC you were the lucky winner of tickets to the NOAH conference where we are today. What did you expect from the conference?

As we have never been to the NOAH conference before we did not know what to expect, but we knew that we would be able to network. After the first day at NOAH we have already met some incredible people. We particularly appreciate the open and inspiring atmosphere here.

What connections did you make so far which will allow you to take your company further?

We have access to the NOAH app which allows us to schedule meetings with all the people that are of interest to our business. We were able to meet a lot of great contacts for our future growth such as VCs, advertisers and partners and were invited to a dinner with a bank.

What was your most valuable takeaway from NOAH and JSC?

The most valuable takeaway of JSC and NOAH was meeting new and inspiring people from different cultures, countries and businesses. It allowed us to gain a new perspective on our own work and to generate new ideas. In addition, the talks at both events were helpful.

After your experience at JSC who would you recommend the competition to?

I can highly recommend JSC to any startup in the early stage of developing their business model. In the competition’s various workshops they will get a lot of valuable input and new ideas which help you to improve your business model.

How can future participants make the most of JSC?

To make the most of JSC, I think it is important to network with all the like-minded people present and ask for honest feedback which always helps improve your own business.