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Partners and Sponsors

JSC 2018 would not be a possibility without our esteemed Sponsors and Partners. The Sponsors and Partners team worked tirelessly to bring the best prizes, jury members and connections to the student-run event.

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Business Development

Our three triangles stand for mentorship, network and resources - brought to our participants through accomplished JSC mentors, entrepreneurial speakers and the JSC jury at the final event. The Business Development team recruited and kept in touch with all these different individuals to realize our three-tier structure.

Participants Management.jpg

Participants Management

Our Jacobs Startup Competition team regards its participants as the most important guests. Thus, we have a team that caters especially to our participants’ queries - from logistical issues to getting comfortable in Germany, this team ensures that the participants have minimal worry during the whole event.



You would not have found out about JSC 2018 without this team. The slick designs, constant posts on social media as well as all promotional material were designed and optimized by our Marketing Team. #LightYourSpark

Final Event Management.jpg

Final Event Management

The setup that you will see at our event as well as the catering and entertainment is taken care of by this team. Their work is what puts the final touch on making this event enjoyable, efficient and ultimately, a success.


Main Organizers

JSC 2018 would not have happened without them. The Main Organizers ensured the smooth running of the process: They were part of everything and created the harmonious atmosphere that is required in any successful team - essentially being the glue that coordinated all the tasks of all the teams.