JSC is a startup competition for students.

Get the network, resources, and mentorship you need to start your business.

At JSC, we will get you from your idea to a running business in 2 months.

Jacobs Startup Competition welcomes students from all around the world with promising business ideas and helps these students to develop their entrepreneurial plans. After working on their ideas for several weeks students present their ideas in front of a jury at our final event and compete with the other teams for cash prizes.

The Final Event Round will take place on the 24th and 25th of March 2017 at Jacobs University, an international and English-speaking environment in the heart of Bremen, Germany. Participants benefit from company exposure, feedback, financial support, and networking connections with like-minded people from around the world!

If you have a novel idea and the entrepreneurial drive to make it a reality, JSC is for you!

Our Mission - From vision to venture

For two months our organizing team will mentor and support you and your partners in every aspect of your entrepreneurial endeavors. Throughout all stages of our competition, you will have access to relevant feedback from venture capitalists and consultants, guidance from entrepreneurs, and resources to make your venture a success.  All of this will culminate in the exciting Final Event stage where all of your hard work is met with reward.

Our Three tier support structure

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1. Mentorship

Our mentors are accomplished individuals who are familiar with the creation of new and successful ventures. They will supply you and your team with feedback and support and you'll have the chance to meet them in person to receive advice during your one-on-one workgroup sessions.




2. Resources

We will bring in experts during our final event to teach the fundamental skills for venture-building, and we will also award the best ideas with generous prize money.

3. Network

Because we know how important networking is for developing businesses, you will be given the opportunity to meet upcoming and inspiring entrepreneurs from top universities around the world and exchange ideas to gain valuable insights for your venture. During “speed dating” sessions, coffee breaks, and other activities you will develop a network with leading professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors.



How it Works

1. Create (Business Idea)

The first phase of JSC is about creating ideas for new products and services. You will get access to resources to guide you in finding groundbreaking ideas in the form of articles, videos, and blogs.

2. Enhance (Executive Summary)

In the second phase, you and your teams receive feedback from skilled mentors from an entrepreneurial or consulting background to elevate your idea to the next level. 

3. Start (Pitch Your Idea)

In the third and final phase of JSC, you will have the chance to come to our final event in Bremen, Germany to finalize your ideas. Over two days, you will work on your business ideas while being guided by skilled mentors. You will get to attend various workshops and speeches and finally pitch your business in front of an audience of accelerators, business angels, and investors.