Hyre from Carleton University, 1st Place Winner 2017

Our first place winner of Jacobs Startup Competition 2017 is Hyre. Hyre is an online platform that connects event organizers with event staff to revolutionize the event staffing industry by making it fairer and more transparent for both parties. Europa Stein of Carleton University in Canada, impressed the judges with her great pitch and inspiring ideas and earned herself a €3000 cash prize to help turn her vision into venture.

Find out more at: hyrestaff.com

Schüschu from Munich Business School & University Augsburg, 2nd Place Winner 2017

Schüschu is the first runner up at JSC 2017. Their product is a unique combination of toy and storage system. It is a modular toy box that can be transformed into several objects by simply adding accessories. The two entrepreneurs from Munich Business School & Augsburg University in Germany, took home €500 and lots of international exposure.

Read an interview with Alexander Schießl the CEO of Schüschu, where he talks about his experience at JSC 2017 here.

More information at: schueschu.com

Docyet from Aalborg University, 3rd Place Winner 2017

The winner of the third place at JSC 17 is Docyet. A team of students from Aalborg University in Denmark wish to create a virtual assistant that helps travelers abroad find access to healthcare. An AI-powered chatbot that provides information about symptoms and diseases, recommends doctors and hospitals and helps with translations.

Check out their website at: docyet.com

Schüschu from Munich Business School & University Augsburg, NOAH Conference Ticket Recipients 2017

One of our special prizes is an invitation to the prestigious NOAH Conference in Berlin, the heart of Germany's startup community.  Schüschu won this exciting opportunity as well as second place in JSC 2017.  

Find out more at: schueschu.com

Hallex Exchange System from Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Business School & University of Cambridge, Axel Springer Plug&Play Accelerator Wildcard Recipients 2017

At JSC 2017, Axel Springer Plug&Play Accelerator offers one team the chance to pitch their idea. The team Hallex Exchange Systems will get to travel to Berlin to share their exciting idea. The team aims to develop an exchange system employing novel block-chain technology for secure, low-cost trading.

More information: hallex.com

InGlove from Free University of Tbilisi and Agricultural University of Georgia, 1st Place Winner 2016


And finally, last but not least - our JSC 2016 1st Place winner is: InGlove Dimitri Tskhovrel and Giorgi Gabareshvili from the Free University of Tbilisi and Agricultural University of Georgia take home the first prize of 3000€. They convinced with an amazing presentation and a working prototype! Thank you for your awesome pitch and congratulations from the JSC Team!

BeSpaced from HHU Düsseldorf, 2nd Place Winner 2016

Leading up - our second place winner BESPACED! Congratulations to Eugene Shapovalov and Dr. Tatiana Chapovalova from HHU Düsseldorf. BESPACED is a digital portal for private and commercial event locations. It will make event space booking a lot easier.

More information at: bespaced.com

WaveRoll from Jacobs University Bremen, 3rd Place Winner 2016

Our third place prize goes to Team Waveroll! Nick Lee and Siddharth Shukla from Jacobs University Bremen represented Waveroll, a company whose aim is to bring free wifi to trains.This could revolutionize our train journeys. Congratulations on your win!

Check them out: waveroll.io

Datamine from Technische Universität München, Winner of the 2016 Special Prize provided by Hub:raum

The winner of the spezial prize, a co-working space at Hub:raum in Berlin is Team Datamine! Congratulations to Alexander Kiltz from TU München and his Team! 

Kingii from WHU, 1st Place Winner 2015

JSC 2015 Winner Kingii represented by Michael and Sascha

The JSC 2015 1st Place winner is: Kingii! Michael and Sascha take home the first prize of 3000€, the opportunity to attend the Innovation Leaders Conference 2015 and a wildcard for the Heureka Conference's one-on-one pitch in Berlin! A huge congratulations from all of us to this splendid team with a great product that provides you with an extra level of safety while being in or around the water. Thank you for your awesome pitch and your dedicated participation!

More information: kingii.com

Kaskodrive from Vienna University of Economics and Business, 2nd Place Winner 2015


The second place winner, and additionally - the winner of the co-working space at Hub:raum in Berlin is Kaskodrive! Huge congratulations to Nikolaus and Matthew - we hope they enjoy the Berlin startup scene.

Find out more: kasko.io

Safi Organics from MIT, 3rd Place Winner 2015

Keving Kung, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The third place prize goes to Safi Organics! Kevin Kung from MIT represented Safi Organics, a company whose aim is to help farmers save 40% on fertilizer expenditures using a new technology and a unique fortifying recipe. Congratulations on your win!

Lumen from Jacobs University Bremen, 1st Place Winner 2014

"[Winning JSC 2014] was an interesting experience and a very delightful one. All the sleepless days and restless nights spent on building the product and the presentation were acclaimed in just a few minutes. We didn’t take it as a success but as an invitation to continue developing, as it seemed we were doing something right."

Cornel Amariei, Jacobs University Bremen

"JSC put us in contact with Investors, VCs, Angels and a ton of other people in the field of Startup Business. Multiple distribution partners have actually been found in the room, during the few competition days."

JON LOU from MIT, 2nd Place Winner 2014

Theodora Koullias, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

"[We would advise other groups to participate in JSC] without hesitation. First off, it’s a prominent business competition filled with industry leaders, strategic partners, and press. We met investors who connected us with further investors, as well as key individuals for our company. We were also featured in Germany’s leading newspaper! Secondly, participating in Northern Germany’s largest business competition is something companies can point to. We certainly do - JSC’s logo is still on our fundraising deck. Third, the students who attend Jacobs and set up JSC become your friends for life. I still keep in touch with my hosts and have plans to see them very soon. Finally, why wouldn’t you want to get a chance to fly to Germany? Bremen is a gorgeous and history-filled city that excites even the well-travelled. I hope to get a chance to visit again, as it left a mark on me, for sure!"

Jon Lou: MIT Engineered, Italian Made. Jon Lou is a fashion-tech brand dedicated toward solving everyday problems through innovative technology and smart design. Combining passion, adventure, technophilia, and gusto, the idea is, and remains, simple: smart, stylish accessories for smart, stylish people.

You can find Jon Lou at: jonlou.com

Localgag from University of Cambridge, 3rd Place Winner 2014

"Finishing in third place at JSC was a rewarding experience both in terms of the prize money and also through the experience we gained by participating in the competition. It was great to find out that the judges supported our business idea and believe it has the potential to be successful, which is reflected in the fact that we were awarded a prize."

Samuel Fisher, Jake Wright and Jeppe Hallgren, Cambridge University

"We would definitely recommend participating in JSC. Of course, it is great to be one of the teams to have won prize money, but even without that it was a great experience. It was really interesting to learn about the products on offer from the other teams since there was such a wide range of ideas. We would advise teams entering the competition this year to make sure they have a clear vision for their product, including a specific target audience, and to practise their pitch to make sure they stand out from the other teams."